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Love, soulmates and the cold hard truth...

Soulmates. Think you only have one in the world? Wrong. According to the Love Psychic Guru's of the world you have about 100. Think that may up your odds? Mmmm. Nah.
Here's the deal. You have 100 soul-mates--but they are spread all over the world. Feel lucky?
Luck is a geat part of it. You can believe in fate...but fate is controlled by The Fates, and they get a bigger kick screwing up your life, not helping it along.
Soul-mates are a gift, but there is no guarantee. Just like everything else.
Here is the cold hard truth: Just because two people are "meant" for eachother, doesn't mean that they end up together.
Both people need to be on the same page gotta factor in some things.
1. Maturity
2. Willingness to love
3. Sacrifice
4. Timing
5. Courage

I met one of my soul-mates. Perhaps the only one I will ever meet. I fell madly in love with him. (Such things tend to happen with a soul-mate) I lost him. Why? See above. We weren't on the same page. The other reasons reside in his head. Someday he might share them with me.
Recovering from such an encounter, will probably be one of the hardest things you will ever have to do. They will always have a piece of your heart. A secret place in the deepest corner, of the darkest part.
Is that a blessing or a curse?
Want some more truths?
1. Not everyone finds real love.
2. Not everyone encounters a soul-mate.
3. Few people live "Mostly Happily Ever After"
4. Nice, lovable, non-psycho people--people worthy of the gift of love--spend their lives alone.
5. You have to be open to it--but a great deal of Love is LUCK. Bloody luck.

This sounds a bit depressing, I know. The older I get, the more the Romantic gives in to the Realist. I still think that love is a gift. Being with a soulmate would be nice--but now that I've met one, how stacked are the odds against me now!? LOL The only thing to do, is to keep an open mind and have courage.
The Fates don't like me, but they may smile on you.
I wish such Luck for my friends and loved ones.

You know. The above essay IS depressing. Sorry. Love is great. Grand! Everyone go out and fall in some of it! Just wash your clothes afterward...I've heard it stains :)