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In Life, it's the little things that tell you so much about yourself and the world around you. Not the big events--but the little events that happen before and after...

The little things let me know how I really am. How I'm getting stronger and happier. Events and realizations that tell me, I am finally healing and getting over a broken heart. And so...I HAVE MADE A LIST! :) Signs that you are getting over it 101!

Signs that you are FINALLY getting over a #@%&#@# broken heart...

1. You find yourself cheerfully singing along with a love song--not frowning, analyzing the lyrics, and muttering "bullshit".

2. When an "I'm over you song" comes on the radio, you sing it at the top of your lungs, and it gives you a wonderful sense of closure and satisfaction.

3. You can see couples walking hand in hand and think it's sweet. It no longer gives you an upset stomach. (or triggers your gag reflex) Same goes for weddings! *chuckle*

4. You become aware that you are smiling often, and for no particular reason. Suddenly it's just easy to smile again.

5. You find it more difficult for things to upset you or move you to tears. FINALLY you can watch a damn Hallmark commercial without sobbing! (thats a damn relief!)

6. You can actually picture yourself finding love again. The thought of a new relationship no longer fills you with dread.

7. Suddenly your flirting skills are back in action!

8. You feel attractive again.

9. You feel like yourself again.

10. The idea of being single makes you feel...FREE... not sad. You realize that you don't HAVE to spend time with someone, or get up early on the weekend because you HAVE to go somewhere or DO something. If you want to curl up and have a lazy Sunday reading a good book--you can! You don't have to explain yourself or make one damn excuse. Everything is back on your terms.

11. You realize how much bullshit or criticism you have had to put up with. You don't have to bend over backwards or put your own needs and desires on the back burner any longer. You are SO done being Ms. Compromise, Ms. Do whatever you want, I'll be understanding, Ms. NICE. And...Mmmm. Does that feel good!

12. You may never let go of all of the anger, but you are ready to let go of the relationship.

If any more pop up! I'll add them on!

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